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Hey LeeBeblog, thanks for the love!Personally, I think it should just be whatever you like. Your intentions are really the bones of it all; Do you want to be popular? Then perhaps doing things that a lot of people like to see is your avenue (Fan art). The pros are, the chances of getting popular by drawing great versions of Spiderman, Superman or the Justice League or something that has a large following are usually good (if drawn really well). The cons of being well-known as a fan artist is you’re getting famous off of something well-known you had no part in creating. You don’t own it, you most-likely can’t sell lots of that property (or run the risk at some point of being sued by the actual owners/creators). Also, people will be less likely to invest in your own creations that are practically unknown and would want to see you do more of that “thing” they like you for. But again, it really depends on the mindset. Some people actually love being known for being the “best _______ artist” and that’s their career. Others, not so much. In the end though, If you’re having fun doing it, that should count. 

have fun, man!



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Meatball Sub on a Stick

so this technically isn’t a sandwich…BUT LOOK!!